Thursday, 26 April 2012


 My sister did me a solid and dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for me earlier, possibly the fastest photoshoot ive ever done, just to bulk out some of my work a little bit. I think they turned out alright though. I dressed up as snow white last year for AS art and now i look back i feel like my art projects are so much better than last year, much more depth. This project was about how women are presented in fairy stories, as role models, despite their stupidity, for example snow white taking an apple off a stranger.
Got to get back to work, good night xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

my sister in a projection tester

I haven't posted for a while now and I really have alot of things I want to write about but I am swamped in school work. In fact I am off to school tomorrow to catch up on things. Ive been thinking about projection and films for my final piece. I want to start a new personal sketchbook soon. My photocopier and printer have broken. Im trying to buy a projector to project my great grandmothers old slides as part of my ideas about re-appropriation of images. So many ideas and things to do i could explode.

I hope you're all finding your exams okay. Good luck with any coming up!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pineapple fancy dress

Last night i went to an Hawaiian themed 17th dressed as a pineapple, most of the other girls were wearing bikinis so i was probably the least attractive there...... apparently boys don't want a 5ft11 pineapple? Baffling.
Will is the boy in the photos with me, we had a little ol chat about art because he's really into it too, but he's just finishing off his GCSEs and so i was imparting my art alevel knowledge to him.
My costume is just a vintage dress that i reworked abit with felt triangles tacked onto it, i think it looks a bit flinstones-esque as well?
Had a really fun night, we stripped our friend George down to his boxers which was hilarious and had some really good tunes on as well.  Probably my last party before my exams so im glad it was a good one.


Wisley Gardens

Here's a few of the photos from when we took my cousin to Wisley Gardens. Everyone, and i mean everyone, was wearing Northface coats and jeans so i looked like a fool, but im okay with that. Later i'll do a post about my pineapple costume from a party i went to last night. Enjoy the rest of your day xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Self Portraits

Im trying to incorporate some self portraiture into my art project, so I took these. There is far to much editing going on here for my liking but I need to get loads of different styles of photos done. The background is cool though, its a section of a billboard poster so when you look up close you can see the dots of colour. Also im thinking of getting my hair cut this short? Its just pinned up in this photo, im not sure though, i do suffer from having a big face, and i think short hair just enhances this... one to think about.

I went to Wisely gardens today with my grandparents and ate some over priced and overcooked chicken and lentils. I'll post those photographs tomorrow hopefully.

Got quite a few more follwers than i had yesterday so i would like to say hello and thank you for following my blog, you beauties xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Taking average photographs and making them hipster in the name of art

Monika Traikov's work;

Im doing  some responses to Monika Traikov's work using my photographs from Brighton (more here). This basically means taking my photos and making them a little more hipster.

This one is probably my favourite, and as you can probably tell, it didnt take long

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another Fifty pence shirt

I feel really ill and I tried to make myself look good today as I was seeing one of those people you want to look better than without looking like you tried. Not much success with my hair though as I don't have a shower while my bathroom is being redecorated and washing it in the bath is an ordeal quite frankly.

Well anyway I got back from East London at about half past one, then changed from this outfit into a dress as my Grandparents came down from Wales to visit and that means you wear a goddamn dress to dinner. 

My Granddad realised on the way down how close we live to Hampton court palace (its really not that close at all) so my dad suggested we all take a fabulous little visit there tomorrow. WHYYYYYYY. I wouldn't mind but I have coursework coming out of my butt that needs to be done, which I suppose I should get back to now...

Denim shirt - 50p, Vintage, from the fifty pence rail at my local charity shop
Lace Bow - £2 ASOS
Leather Gillet -£3 primark

I'm thinking of studding the gillet, lemme know what you think xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Current Favourite Rings

Black Ring with Gold crossed over cage - A present from my nan
Gold Flower Ring - Found in a massive box of costume jewellery inherited from my great grandmother
Triangle Ring with Aztec Print - £1.50 from Matalan
Black plastic ring with cream and gold triangles - £1 in the Diva @ Miss Selfridge sale (unfortunately they only had small so I have to wear it on my pinky!)

I wore all of these together to a party thinking I was being awesome and somebody said I reminded them of Jacqueline Wilson and another person said they hope I didn't end up punching anyone. I'm not sure that either are compliments so I might leave it to one or two at a time.

Im getting my Canon back tomorrow so look forward to some better quality photos on here. Up early to go to East London tomorrow as well so I best go to sleep xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fifty Pence Shirt

The charity shop by my house has a 50p rail and I buy a lot of clothes from it, (i suppose a lot of the things on it are weird ass items that nobody else would ever wear) but this vintage shirt is one of the best things I have got. Its really cute but Ive stared to wear it with my AA riding pants and leather jacket to make it a bit edgier. I like that its only slightly sheer, I looked for one like this on the highstreet but to all were too see through and i'd have to wear a vest underneath to wear it to college. 

Im going to start posting more of my clothing on here because i have some wicked items and its what I enjoy about others blogs the most. 

With this post I bid you good night as I am up early for work.

PS. The tattoo is not real, its from tattly, the remnants of my pirate costume for a party a few days ago, but wouldn't I look cool inked up?

Monday, 2 April 2012

My response to Claire Coles

I haven't posted for ages because i've had so much school work to do but I said I would post the samples I've been working on in response to the artist Claire Coles. My last post was about her work which I think is amazing and from the response I got it seems like everyone else loves it too.

These are part of my textiles project about fragility of life, fleeting moments and the absence of friends. I took inspiration from my friend Luke's photography, he moved to Bournemouth to study photography last summer but we still talk and he inspires me. Throughout my work I've used motifs of flowers and butterflies to represent the aspect of fleeting moments as they die so quickly. The miniature chair in the photograph is a  shape I used to fit with the theme because of its size I think it carries a sense of fragility.

Im going to post more samples as my book develops, hopefully i'll be posting more often as its Easter now and I have more time. Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter breaks!