Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I think I want to move here. Perhaps I was tricked slightly by the glorious weather leading me to see it as always lovely, I can imagine it seems as shitty as anywhere else in torrential rain. I like tiny little cities like this, it reminds me of Dardiff as well, its nice to not have to rely on public transport as much to get about. I didn't get asked for id at any bar either, its just way more chilled out than going out in London; I was at corsica not long ago and they have a guy in the toilets removing anyone daring to share a cubicle and chucking them onto the grimy streets of Elephant and Castle. And that's another thing, Liverpool is so clean. 

I know i've got a tourist head on when I talk about it, and living there would probably be completely different but a major thing attracting me is the rent cost, its half of what it is in London and would mean I could actually move out within the next year. 

I dont think its possible to really compare Liverpool and London when Liverpool city centre feels smaller than Croydon, London is something different altogether and I know im not done with it yet, got so many clubs to hit up its nuts. And I know if I move this far north I will have no friends and no family there but the prospect of moving out seems so delicious right now its really tempting me.