Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another Fifty pence shirt

I feel really ill and I tried to make myself look good today as I was seeing one of those people you want to look better than without looking like you tried. Not much success with my hair though as I don't have a shower while my bathroom is being redecorated and washing it in the bath is an ordeal quite frankly.

Well anyway I got back from East London at about half past one, then changed from this outfit into a dress as my Grandparents came down from Wales to visit and that means you wear a goddamn dress to dinner. 

My Granddad realised on the way down how close we live to Hampton court palace (its really not that close at all) so my dad suggested we all take a fabulous little visit there tomorrow. WHYYYYYYY. I wouldn't mind but I have coursework coming out of my butt that needs to be done, which I suppose I should get back to now...

Denim shirt - 50p, Vintage, from the fifty pence rail at my local charity shop
Lace Bow - £2 ASOS
Leather Gillet -£3 primark

I'm thinking of studding the gillet, lemme know what you think xx


  1. love the lace bow on your shirt! I seriously need to start shopping at charity shops and vintage places.


    1. i buy my best stuff from the 50p rail in my local charity shop, i got a rabbit fur trimmed coat on there last summer, thats just crazy right! xx

  2. Cool post, I love charity shops and I love customizing clothes.
    I have a post at the moment which shows you how to customize vintage levi cut offs check it out here:

    Rose x

  3. That lace bow is so adorable!! x

  4. I love charity shops! Like live in them almost haha. That is so cool 50p, mine are so pricey I get the odd bargain but not that good. Going to follow love your blog x

    1. Thanks! yeah i also go to charity shops in banstead because they have such good vintage items in them all the time but they really are so pricey, ive definitely struck gold with the one by my house xx