Monday, 2 April 2012

My response to Claire Coles

I haven't posted for ages because i've had so much school work to do but I said I would post the samples I've been working on in response to the artist Claire Coles. My last post was about her work which I think is amazing and from the response I got it seems like everyone else loves it too.

These are part of my textiles project about fragility of life, fleeting moments and the absence of friends. I took inspiration from my friend Luke's photography, he moved to Bournemouth to study photography last summer but we still talk and he inspires me. Throughout my work I've used motifs of flowers and butterflies to represent the aspect of fleeting moments as they die so quickly. The miniature chair in the photograph is a  shape I used to fit with the theme because of its size I think it carries a sense of fragility.

Im going to post more samples as my book develops, hopefully i'll be posting more often as its Easter now and I have more time. Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter breaks! 

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