Friday, 9 March 2012

Claire Coles

tropical garden


Claire Coles designs wallpaper which she embroiders into. Carefully sourcing vintage wallpaper she layers
printed silk and embroiders into it with silk and leather to create texture. What a dream! Her clients include Liberty, Selfridges and Ted Baker. I would adore to have something this beautiful on my wall. Not only has she done wallpaper designs but also designs for Paperchase and Missoni. I love the use of beautiful retro and classic floral images but in such a contemporary form. This is the type of effect im pushing for within my own textiles work. I'll try and post some of my own responses to her work in the next few days.


The reading line up is announced on Monday

I had a good week at reading last year but I don't think I am going to go again this year. It worked out really expensive. I'm also off to Tenerife at the end of June and I want to have money to go with. I do look back on the experience with fondness but I was disillusioned as there were long periods of time where I wasn't really having any fun. It put a lot of strain on my friendships at the time as well which I did not see coming. I was looking for a carefree week and it was anything but, still, I have some fantastic memories.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mary Katrantzou

 Katrantzou's nine piece collection for Topshop was the fastest selling collaboration in the chain's history. Im so jealous of all the people that own a piece! Her collection at London fashion week was one that caught my eye the most. There is something amazingly simple about the shapes of her garments even in the free flowing layers of skirt and yet there is a feat for the eyes. Her prints are only something I could ever aspire to create. I feel really inspired by the graphic style being used on sheer fabric yet also on structured garments showing how versatile the style of print is.

Her construction style makes me feel wonderful as well, beginning by designing the dress in a size 14 then cutting down to a size 8. She says 'With the interior collection, we just added more information. So, on a size 8 you get the sofa, the mantelpiece and the flower whereas on a size 14 you get the the sofa, the mantelpiece the bush and the room next door'.

I hope one day I'm successful enough to be able to afford one of her dresses, i'm just in love with them.

Chipshop dinner

I need to do some drawing from these for my Art project, im just not sure what medium to use!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My new owl ring

I visited Brighton in December and saw this ring but didn't have the money to buy it, when I went back there a fortnight ago the shop it was in was shutting down! so I got the owl ring for a couple of quid, they also had a really cool bobble hat, but I resisted as winter is nearly over and I really have more than enough hats!

I plan to wear this tomorrow

 The outfit i am going to wear tomorrow

This is the outfit I plan to wear to a work experience interview tomorrow. I bought the dress on ebay because I couldn't afford it new at the time and got it for £4!! I wear it any time I have to be a look smarter dressed with a shirt underneath; I asked my mum to wash my vintage chiffon one for tomorrow. I have worn the dress out in the evening with just a pair of cream wedges so it looked a bit sassier. These tan wedges make me 6foot tall, but I love them so I'll forgive that and the end of day foot ache
I always team a rabbit necklace with this colour combo as a cheeky reference to Alice in Wonderland - I don't know if anyone's ever picked up on it. Ironically I plan to wear my vintage tan rabbit fur coat with this tomorrow, but that's okay, I'm sure nobody will recognise this subtle hypocrisy. 

The outfit i am going to wear tomorrow by heartshapedbruise featuring a blue dress

Dorothy Perkins blue dress
£50 -

Dorothy Perkins sheer tight
$5 -

Faith wedge heels
£60 -

Long chain necklace
£9 -