Sunday, 26 February 2012

Although 12°C may be no reason to reach for your shorts anywhere else, in Britain it signals time to go to the beach. With the most sunshine the British people have seen since summer people poured down to Brighton to enjoy all the seaside classics. I was in town taking photographs for my current art project looking at old and new. Brighton is historically a place of beginnings and endings;  the mods and rockers riots of the sixties, the loss of the old pier to arson and the glowing symbol that is the new pier, and so it seemed appropriate to start my project here.
I didn't spend any of my childhood in Brighton and yet there is a sense of nostalgia attached to this place. Perhaps it is the smell of the seaside or my fish and chip lunch that recalls memories from every beach I've ever been to. I expect its the people though, the courageous British people, willing to attempt lunch on the rocks whilst gripping mercifully on to anything that could instantly be swept away into the wind. The people who even if they are cold will bask in the sun in a t-shirt and shorts so as not to miss it. I have never been fond of the beach and yet I know somewhere in me i am one of these people, I was raised to accept that the British seaside is brilliant.  I will gracefully lose my money in a two pence slot machine and over pay for an ice cream.