Sunday, 11 November 2012

Raindrops on Roses

 Dress, £7 H&M
Shirt, £5 Primark
Clutch, £6 Primark

I got a fringe this week, I don't know how I feel about it really, I think i just need to get used to it. I have so much university work to do, I should really be doing that and not taking photos of myself but I put this outfit together and I really like it. All I've bought recently is pastel green things. I really need to stop shopping altogether because I need to save up for next year but I keep making cheeky little purchases here and there and not realising how much I'm spending. I'm going to be looking at my bank statement through my fingers at the end of this month I'm sure. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Art school; what im currently working on

We've been given the theme of 'narrative' so im currently looking at flash fiction. For my final piece I need to create a story and present it so ive been working on a piece of flash fiction about a woman who falls in love with a married man. I think il present that through photography although im not absolutely sure just yet.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I think I want to move here. Perhaps I was tricked slightly by the glorious weather leading me to see it as always lovely, I can imagine it seems as shitty as anywhere else in torrential rain. I like tiny little cities like this, it reminds me of Dardiff as well, its nice to not have to rely on public transport as much to get about. I didn't get asked for id at any bar either, its just way more chilled out than going out in London; I was at corsica not long ago and they have a guy in the toilets removing anyone daring to share a cubicle and chucking them onto the grimy streets of Elephant and Castle. And that's another thing, Liverpool is so clean. 

I know i've got a tourist head on when I talk about it, and living there would probably be completely different but a major thing attracting me is the rent cost, its half of what it is in London and would mean I could actually move out within the next year. 

I dont think its possible to really compare Liverpool and London when Liverpool city centre feels smaller than Croydon, London is something different altogether and I know im not done with it yet, got so many clubs to hit up its nuts. And I know if I move this far north I will have no friends and no family there but the prospect of moving out seems so delicious right now its really tempting me. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

quarter life crisis

I said I wasnt going to blog again until school was over and I stuck to it, but now im back. I am officially out of education. Prom was on the 28th of June and the following morning I was on a flight to Tenerife. 

A week away made me literally rethink everything that is going on in my life. I've basically been in the same place for 18years straight and when I actually took myself away from London, away from everything it made me realise how many things I've got wrong about living life. I met some really nice people in Tenerife and most of them are from the North of England; I'd been writing off looking at Leeds uni because I was too scared to leave London and now I literally cant wait to go and visit it in September.

Anyway its taken me almost a week since my return to write this up, not because ive been busy, the contrary infact, ive been doing a whole lot of nothing. Sitting, sleeping, crying because of my post holiday blues, tweeting, sleeping some more, occasionally nibbling on something from my fridge... i even made it to the pub one night.. I have work tomorrow for the first time in three weeks and as much as that depresses me it will be good to talk to some actual people, and have a reason to get out of my bed. 

My mum is encouraging me to book another holiday and its something I might do, next year I hope I work a season out in a hot country or something. I dont know, there are a lot of thoughts going on right now, but they're quite often fuelled by frustration and boredom. My summer is wasting away I need to cheer up. 

Anyone from the north want to have me stay at your house for a week? I miss hearing mint and mega said proper like....

Photo is of me in all my slightly tanned glory, you can see one tan line, that's enough to prove my holiday happened. Hope all your summers are beginning well. Love as always Celia xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

My Art exam is on Wednesday and I am scared

These are some more projection experiments. My final piece is a film which will be projected onto a surface I'm constructing in my twelve hour exam. I don't really enjoy art exams because of the silence. Last year I used a typewriter in the exam and it sounded offensively noisy, and this year I'm using a sewing machine. Kill me now, everyone is going to hate me.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


 My sister did me a solid and dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for me earlier, possibly the fastest photoshoot ive ever done, just to bulk out some of my work a little bit. I think they turned out alright though. I dressed up as snow white last year for AS art and now i look back i feel like my art projects are so much better than last year, much more depth. This project was about how women are presented in fairy stories, as role models, despite their stupidity, for example snow white taking an apple off a stranger.
Got to get back to work, good night xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

my sister in a projection tester

I haven't posted for a while now and I really have alot of things I want to write about but I am swamped in school work. In fact I am off to school tomorrow to catch up on things. Ive been thinking about projection and films for my final piece. I want to start a new personal sketchbook soon. My photocopier and printer have broken. Im trying to buy a projector to project my great grandmothers old slides as part of my ideas about re-appropriation of images. So many ideas and things to do i could explode.

I hope you're all finding your exams okay. Good luck with any coming up!