Thursday, 12 July 2012

quarter life crisis

I said I wasnt going to blog again until school was over and I stuck to it, but now im back. I am officially out of education. Prom was on the 28th of June and the following morning I was on a flight to Tenerife. 

A week away made me literally rethink everything that is going on in my life. I've basically been in the same place for 18years straight and when I actually took myself away from London, away from everything it made me realise how many things I've got wrong about living life. I met some really nice people in Tenerife and most of them are from the North of England; I'd been writing off looking at Leeds uni because I was too scared to leave London and now I literally cant wait to go and visit it in September.

Anyway its taken me almost a week since my return to write this up, not because ive been busy, the contrary infact, ive been doing a whole lot of nothing. Sitting, sleeping, crying because of my post holiday blues, tweeting, sleeping some more, occasionally nibbling on something from my fridge... i even made it to the pub one night.. I have work tomorrow for the first time in three weeks and as much as that depresses me it will be good to talk to some actual people, and have a reason to get out of my bed. 

My mum is encouraging me to book another holiday and its something I might do, next year I hope I work a season out in a hot country or something. I dont know, there are a lot of thoughts going on right now, but they're quite often fuelled by frustration and boredom. My summer is wasting away I need to cheer up. 

Anyone from the north want to have me stay at your house for a week? I miss hearing mint and mega said proper like....

Photo is of me in all my slightly tanned glory, you can see one tan line, that's enough to prove my holiday happened. Hope all your summers are beginning well. Love as always Celia xx